Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday With Mom: Birthday!!

In honor of 25 years of Laura-ness, I found some classic pictures that chronicle her journey
First – Laura tames the beast. In addition to her experiences with the wild animals of Africa, as a young child she tamed a wild horse and exerted her dominance over the fish of the sea.

 Second Laura masters mobility. To address her need for speed, Laura learned to drive a motor cycle (check out the expression) and learned to snowboard (in most snowboarding pictures she is on her buttocks)

Third Laura learns that a big smile goes a long ways. Whether holding crayons in her nostrils or wearing the birthday girl propeller beanie, Laura knew that her big smile was a great asset.

Last but not least……Meet Queen Tut. Ready to conquer the world.
Happy 25th Birthday Laura!!!! You make my life rich!!!

Love, Mom


  1. Aw... its actually Sunday. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!

  2. I figured that Sunday was a good compromise between my actual birthday (Saturday) and the typical mother's day post (Monday).