Friday, April 2, 2010

Gallon of Milk + Trunk of Car + One Month Later

About a month ago, Danny and I went grocery shopping together.  We dropped his half of the groceries off at his house, and then went to my house to drop off mine.  As we were putting mine away, we pondered, "Didn't we buy a gallon of milk for each house?  Where is the second gallon of milk?" 

We moved on with life, but every few days for the next week or so, one of us would mention, "We never found that gallon of milk, did we?".  And then we sort of forgot about it all together.

Until today.

As I'm taking my roommate Ala to the airport, I pop my trunk to put her suitcase in- lo and behold, the elusive second gallon of milk is in my trunk.  It's been there for a month.

Ala almost puked.  I couldn't stop laughing. While hilarious, this story is also pretty embarrasing for a number of reasons:
  1. How easily I gave up on searching for a gallon of milk. It was a GALLON OF MILK, for crying out loud- not the kind of thing that you want spilling/rotting in your trunk for a month. 
  2. How infrequently I buy groceries; the fact that I hadn't opened my trunk in a month, means that I haven't bought more than energy bars and diet coke for a month.
  3. How paranoid medical school has made me about touching dirty things- I had a box of gloves sitting in my car just for an occasion such as this.
Luckily it didn't spill much in the trunk.  Hopefully I've learned my lesson- any purchased gallon of milk needs to be accounted for.


  1. It was in the Mustang :-( It really didn't spill much at all, though!

  2. Also, why is dad afraid to comment on my blog, but he has commented on your twice? Jealous.

  3. So gross. I once accidently drank some turned milk and I did puke. The memory haunts me.